Everything is Enough & Tiring.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Our schl is having this BM Bengkel thing for spm and pmr, ytd is pmr `form3 & today is spm `form5..
it take 6hours which is whole day schl,sitting in the hall.. all the form 5 students have to go to the dewan sit according class by class, smartass, they place the smart one infront and the art class behind.. so we've been forced to sat at the back.. it's kinda far u know?
anyway, the one who gave speech (what do u call?) is kinda funny guy, seriously u wont feel bored there, compare to the oters ceramah.. they gave us this "stack of paprs" which contain all the notes,... overall, i give a thumb to this speech ^^

hmm now adays, after schl we dint cook at home for lunch, we da bao lunch (: ofcourse everyday's lunch are different lah,
we're going happily for more than "few" months d, but things doesn't keep the same all the time..
it's your choise to have types of days, like happy day, sad day or wtv day..
i meant, it still a day right? why must some ppl rather to have a bad day instead happy day? or a better day?
i tought we are actually going better and good.. but i realise, everything is actually the same, it just depend how does the happenings goes.. human can change the happening & the ending.. you have lots of choises, why would u rather to make choise which is disavantage & negatively instead? is that really nice feeling after doing all the stupid stuffff? then u got all the disavantages after that, u feel good too?
what's a brain for? u always teach me this and that, all the positive stufffff, but u love to think negative stuff instead.. i don't know, i'm really tired and it's really enough.. i'm bored of repeating, you like kay? all i can do is.. Non-oF-my-Business.

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