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Monday, August 04, 2008

after two days, i'm back..
miss me? LOLs, I'm fine, and everything are in good-term.. So-Far-So-Good.
Dont ask me what's happening in my previous post, cause it's over( post has been deleted ) (:
the weather is pissing me off, it's spoilt my beauty sleep everynite & i have turn up so freakin tired everyday in schl or wtv.. plus i dont have an air-cond in my room, i've used to it.. i feel very cold&windy at nite but now? uhhh, macam sauna je.. why cant we have atleast 2 season? i dont mind whole life staying in winter.. atleast i dont have to sweat so much all the time.. Boooo sial..
SMK TS's interact installation, i dint attended due to uniform&vest borrowed to sister, had dinner at home and went to the curve around 9, just because to have a walk in the flea market & buy the Stawberry + chocolate fondue ( the chocolate fountain ) ^^ mummy is still thiking whether she should the that packet of the chocolate fountain's chocolate, so we can melt it ourselve and gain weight each day.. LOLs, cost RM50 weih, and the machine cost RM129 @@" okay lar, but i can buy other stuff with those money!!! hahaaa, went Thai Express to makan cause mummy havent take her dinner yet.. i love Tomyam, so i tried their Tomyam Seafood Soup, ermm, i give upsidedown thumb, seriously, u dont taste the original Tomyam taste, not enough sour & spicy, trust me, ss2 wai sek gai's tomyam can beat them =D
home at 11pm..
went DJ's DimSum for breakfast, then dropped sis @ 1U.. at 1U, they have some fun event outside McD.. me and my sis was choosen to.. LOLs, I won ^^ hahahas, and my mummy signed this facial + treatment for me on next sunday =D sayang mummy! ehhh, i know i might bit 38 to go for facial, my first time u know? ^^v went home after that, cause mummy need did some "big business", went Midvalley after that.. went to the Maybank thingy, ( i duno what does it call ).. had dinner at Puchong's most popular Shabu-Shabu which is my top1 fav, (steamboat) .. the last time i had steamboat was.................... i was form2 or 3 i think? but anyway, Shabu made up my day! LOLs, i've ate 50++ plates, GOSH! my tummy is still now bloated.. hahaha..
Hey, I'm a steamboat Kaki! LOLs, i can eat more than double in steamboat compare to noamal meal or snaks or wtv.. LOLs,
Home after that..
i skipped assembly, stayed in class.. and slept.. as u know the weather is really burning me.. makes me whole doy pain and sweat alot.. ): how nice if our schl classes have air-cond huh? i dont mind paying every mmonth like others schl =D atleast i can study in a better mood, teehee.
duing PJK, En.Z sitting there and keeping an eye on Pn.K how's her class.. LOLs, she is so totally an actress today -._____.- LOLs, funny part was, En.Z was coming towards the basketball court, while me may shareen and some girls that are not changing waiting for teacher.. we ran when we saw Z, hahahaha, he thaught we are going to hide at the back of the hall but we seriously dint, and he is smart enough, walked from the back of the hall to catch us.. LOLs, and asked us why are we running and we replied picking-rubbish~ hahahaa..

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