Boy you've got me Crazy Loving You

Friday, August 22, 2008

as u know, i cant stop blogging each day, i must atleast crap something in my blog before the day end =)

3more hrs i'm heading to PD, the beach.. as i always wish to.. aren't you just love beach? with no anything problems, free mind, relax, freedom =)
ofcourse PD is not like the first time i'm going, but i just love beach =) and the last time i went to the beach was.. form2, to Redang.. the perfect one i think? i have never been to perhatian beach, they said it's even perfect than redang? i don't know, as long the beach is clean and relax enough =)

i don't know why i dont feel any excited, just.. happy? no la, i just miss my boy too much =) ofcourse i never been to somewhere further with him, furtest would be Lagoon? LOLs, hahaha..

i love you darling..
i've almost finish packing everything, hmmmm.. i shall have a nap now or do something else to pass the time =)

babe, i'll miss you.. i'll give u a msg 24/7, i keep m words and you too.. Love loadz!

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