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Monday, August 18, 2008

Heeeelllloooooooow! i'm back, wish my blog is not dead yet =D TM net has fixed, so finally i can back to online! you know, the days of me without online is totally making me to bang to the wall, LOLs.

okay okay, i just love the past days..

i've posted about friday right? yea.. so now let's start with Saturday.

Saturday, was at home untill 9 sometihng atnight, headed to Curve to met up my cousin and aunt to yum cha.. before the yum cha session, went to tesco to buy FOODS for the whole 1 week hols at home, teehee.. then moved on to ss2 mamak yum cha.. home at 2.

Sunday, i slept around 2:30am ++ the day b4 and i had to wake up early in the morning 7am for the Seminar which helded at KBU, and i over slept.. LOLs, fetches sam and we'r not late cause there is more ppl are more late than us.. the seminar was not bad.. lunch time they gave us lunch box.. after makan.. went to the toilet first, so while me and yin fun was waiting Vicky to finish using the toilet, we heard "plang", and we asked vicky, " oi!?!?! what happen? u stuck in the toilet bowl ah??? " hahahha, we laughed and everyone too.. and when she came out she felt so paiseh but funny.. she dint get angry.. after toilet.. me sam and ken took some pictures b4 we went into the hall, we also took kinda lots pictures in the hall while waiting them to start.. during SEJARAH's, i almost fall asleep, =.-" and during BM, me and sam was only listen to his phone's songs, and yin fun fall asleep dy, hahahas.. and not to forgot to mention that ken was 24/7 holding his psp, da gei-ing in the hall and everywhere.. hahhaaa.. seminar finished at 5, 3 of us went to changed and took cab off to the curve for dinner.. dinner at Sakae, and chocolate strawberry marshmellow for dessert.. funny part was that 2 guys was argueing about what to watch this and that.. hahahhaa, mom picked me up at 7 and off to ss2 with family, home at 8.. and i slept around 8:30.. it's too tired @@" fuiyoh, and i feel so semangat now =)

friday + sunday's pictures was really really lottttz, almost 50+ i think? LOLs, i'll try to get from ken and upload yea..

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