Adult-world or Childhood?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

beside english, others period are all FREE! goshhh, but not sien still because i have friends to talk & have fun with in the class =)

my phone is now "naked", i took all my treasure diamonds out due to some reason =( but i swear my phone will be pretty after a month ;p


was chatting with daddy just now, listening some stress of being an Adult..
for those PEOPLE who always think that i'm so freaking childish & tao kei enough, sorry.. You're WRONG! for those PEOPLE who think they should be mature now & they're mature enough and shouldn't be like a kids playing in school or wtv shittey, You're WRONG too..
This will be my last yr of being such and freaking CHILDISH KID as everyone think of me in schl or wherever.. honestly, i would rather to be such ae CHILDISH KID and studying in schl, having SPM PMR or break the school rules and got scolded by those freaking teachers kena this and that.. INSTEAD of having such stupid stress like what the adults having now, that's why my mom told me..

" why do u rather to work, to ponteng, to in love, to stress over stuff, bla bla bla ? when you're working, you will regret for not enjoy studying school books.. "

LOLs, i don't know, but i feel kind upset & some unhappy-stress after listening wat my dad told me.. i don't wish things happen like this.. pls?

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