The promises between us, Our Love..

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

hmmmmm, days like that really bored, staying at home.. what else?
i cant wait till this Friday =) you'll know after that..
fatty kenneth havent send me the pics yet..
suppose to have lunch with darling but he's still pigging with ears close.. =(
sis going to 1U tmr with her friends and im gonna stay at home facing the monitor screen again..
ahhh, i just dislike days at home, i dont mind if the weather oculd be better, raining pun tak apa atleast feeling cold and nice.. not like NOW?!?! panas je! hmph!
wanna fried nuggets!! but it still freezing ( correct me if it's wrong )!! urghhhh, waiting it to soften..
sien, why cant i am now 18 so that i can go out to entertain myself? LOLs,
or anyone to call me out? LOLs, if only u have transport for me.. =X

darling, i love you.. i promise it'd the last time i apologize, and keep your promise too =) i'd take my time to forget and forgive, cause i love you baby... keep our words, keep our heart together.. For tomorrow,

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