Happy Tree Friends

Friday, August 15, 2008

well, i cant online at home due to my network prob, so i am now trying to update about today in few mint, i have only few minutes so i'll guarantee upload all today's pictures once my hse network prob is done..

today my class will be heading to this Carnival thingy, b4 that, went to esso with hong sang, ken and sam to buy some snack, Thx Hong Sang =D everyone gather in the class to tak attendance then went to the canteen around 8 to wait for the bus.. everyone are having their breakfast in the canteen, excluded me.. around 8 something, we went to Garzibo to sit while waiting for the bus.. KarChun got this crockcoach from the boy's toilet and they are playing with it.. the take and throw to each others, LOLs.. just get used to it lah, went out to the guard hse around 9.. OMG, why does the bus take so long? Gosh, we sat at the stairs there, everyone listening to their phone's songs.. Kaa-Gi brought his own speaker, Hahaha.. the bus serious shit takes too long, so i decided to buy some food from the canteen.. while waiting the bus, everyone is taking pictures, listening songs, playing games, ken's psp, chit-chat.. and finally the bus arrived around 10am.. LOL!!! Zheng Yi they all quickly ran in to the bus to take the last sit.. me and sam and ken too =D Ken sat with Sam and i sat with Hong Sang.. so now we're heading to Shah Alam and it guarantee take 1hr time lah, we had really lots of fun in the bus.. listening to the songs, playing psp, sleep, eat, chat, pictures.. hahahaha.. all i know is, FUN! me and Hong Sang keep kena taken pictures by this Kaaa-Gi while we both are trying to have a nap but.. we cant >:( nah, it's okay.. reaches Shah Alam around 11.. so we have only 30mints time to walked around.. ngeh, nothing much there.. so SKIP.. okay, it's 11:30.. so we gather together to waited for the bus.. while waiting again, we took alot pictures AgaIn =D and we took a big group picture b4 we left.. back into the bus, back to the FUN =D and reaches schl around 12..

so i called darling and b4 we went home, me and sam bought bubbble tea & hong sang belanja me icecream =) and darling came around 12:45, he bought me chocolate and lolipop to make me happy =D love you baby..

i felt so so so happy today, the best day i think? as u can always see my class's monkeys are so annoying, but seriously, they are the happiest & funniest friends to me.. it doesn't meant that fun will only happen in true friends or best friends or close friends, sometimes, u may try to mix with some diff people.. u will actually feel the differences happy =) those monkeys they are just really annoying sometimes in the class.. but when it's fun time, you can totally feel so much free in your mind, and relax.. okay. that's all for today..

Hugs Sam, Ken, Fun, Sang and all the monkeys =D
Love darling, thx baby <3

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