You brighten My Life <3

Thursday, August 21, 2008

YES! it's tomorrow =D i just cant wait for tomorrow! BEACH, i'm coming.. teehee..
just came back from darling place, we went to sea park's pet shop before that, i seriously love dog but i couldn't have one, but i'm patient-ing =D
Hmmm, i've finished packing my stuff, whoa! me and my 2nd sister could just burst the bag with out stuff,.. hahaha, Girls are like that.. =D
dam sien lor at home, but finally something made up my holidays, atleast my holidays wouldn't be meaningless, teehee..
suppose allowed to go to PM tonight but due to no transport, mummy said next time =) okay..

Lurve mummy daddy <3
Love Darling hunny <3
Hugs my sayangs =D

You made me smile truly from my deep heart,
You brighten my Life,
You've got me Crazy Loving You babe <3>

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