Let's Grow up, are YOU?

Monday, August 11, 2008

Sam & shareen dint attend to schl today ): so i sat with ken in the class =) assembly has been cancelled due to the pmr student's having their trials, went for PJK, played basketball...GANAS betul ni,!!! my hand got 2 scars,it's really hurt and pain =( it's okay, aint blaming anyone.. it's just a game ^^v stay peace*

Have a long talk with sayang =) being fierce to darling to wake him up XD (he wanted me to), LOLs, kay.. so far.. that's all for today..

Header have changed =) okay? LOLs, your opinion isn't needed, cause this is my blog.. ^^v teehee.

SPM, 95days
Trials, 30 days

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