How could I ?

Thursday, August 28, 2008

after years, after all these happenings.. i din't know i could be so dumb-subborn-stupid-brainless..
YES! i did doing better sometimes but not always. i need some time to be much better-best right?
but after what have happned, i figure it out that i never did any better before, it just a thoughts.. and im getting more emotional.. i dont know why.. i couldn't control.. and i did felt regret after being so emotional & i realize after that..

i don't know.. i feel so tiring.. i dont know what happen to me-myself, can anyone talk to me or listen to my words? to let me express it out? i don't know wat will you feel or what will you think if i tell you about me.. my tears need some freedom & space now.. but it not suppose to drop because i'm in the wrong side..

i don't know, dark clouds will always come after the white clouds goes..

i don't feel right now adays, am trying not to think much but i can see with my eyes..

baby, i'm sorry..
Dear GOD, could you pls tell me? and stop all the happenings..?

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