Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Hello, have been a busy & tiring Kid these days =p

Skipped schl, woke up and when to Darling's..
Night, small partay at my hse for my aunty which just came back from America and going back to US soon.. -.- i will miss Her..... KIDS =D

Merdeka Eve*, dint went to countdown, sis and nanny went to Sg.Wang to join the fun(s), me followed mummy to aunty's hse for another small partay for my US aunt =), fetches sis & nanny around 1, home at 2am =)

Woke up early morning and help to cook breakfast which is PoPiah =D went to 1U Jusco & Parkson to shop.. dint manage to buy many stuff like what i expect but NiNa Ricci perfume which i waited for half yr, Thx mummy ^^ but i cant buy anything after i got it, =( but it's okay ^^
went Halo Cafe @ Jaya One to celebrate ealier birthday for my elder sis, Home at 12 =)

Woke up and get ready, uncle fetches me to Megah to Collected cake, headed to KL for Lunch to celebrate my elder sis & her BF & younger cousin sis's earlier birthday =) Sept 3, 4, 2..
moved on to Subang Parade's parkson after dinner, had Dessert @ Dessert Bar before leaving..
mom fetches me to Sunway to had dinner & moved on to SP after that.. Home at 11.

Happeee Burfday to Vicneswary A/P Ponniah =p ( did i spell wrongly? btw, she dont like me to read her full name =p )
Puasa has started, and Jammers are all around my hse.. but i get to buy mum mum too =) i kinda like their some snakcs u know, =D
Aiyorr, trials is like just 1 more week, mamamama miiiiiaaaaaaa, so shitt eih..

(okay, just a simply simple post )

Baby I Love You,

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