Sunday, September 21, 2008

time pass really fast, exam is over ( for us ) but left math which held on next wednesday..

yesterday, Saturday night, my sis had this small party to celebrate her ealier birthday incase she cant celebrate on the exact day =)

today, went Tropicana Clubhouse study with sam, ken & hs.. yea.. suppose to be "study math" but end up "study bowling".. LOls, sam and hs taught me the proper way to bowl.. lols, thx yerr, after that went to eat and have a walk around the Clubhouse.. ahhhh, wanna swim! i love the big pool =p hahahaa, yor! you guys promised me yea!! hahahs...

hmmmm, this coming week have only one day exam.. definately no body's gonna go to schl lah, LOLs, but im going.. =/ eeee, teman me =p hehehes,

btw, my maple private server down! =( have to wait for new patch or... no idea..=/

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