nothing would ever stop me from loving you, boy <3

Saturday, September 27, 2008

currently at my cousin sis hse now, yea.. im staying over her place tonight..
i am so obsolutely sleepy now, my eye need some toothpath to hold my eyes, but my brain couldn't stop myself thinking of you darling, =/ i need a hug now..

went shabu-shabu at puchong for dinner just now with my cousin sis and my sis, went yum cha after that, fuiih, dam full lor, tummy bloated lor.. =D
thinking i should have paint my nails or not, cos it really long now XD wheeee, aren't girls love having pretty nails? LOLs,

alright, i should stop and take off my toothpath from my eyes and lye on the bed like dead XP and start with some dreams, wooooo..

baby, i love you and i miss you really much! 9days (=

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