How Long can it Go?

Saturday, September 06, 2008

im back =) hope my blog isn't dead yet..

sometimes, we might will make a wrong judgement about someone because we'r jusging their outward, but when you use your heart to think about someone that you really care and love, you'll realize all the things they have done for you.. or what actually inside them..
sometimes, you will realize the truth across a little small problem between each other.. or even across a conversation..
sometimes, things we see or things we hear from might be false.. or even we think too much might also cause a mistake..
sometimes, we might be too concern about what the other say and feel not comfortable.. or even not being ourselve..
sometimes, we might wish time could turn back so that we will not repeat the mistake.. or even hope that will never happen before..
ofcourse, we will never know what's gonna happen in the next second..

sometimes, you touches my heart and you melten it..
sometimes, you mess up my mind and make me think so much..
sometimes, you wasted my tears..
sometimes, you stole my heart..
sometimes, you make me lost myself for loving you..

things we had gone trough had really change me and you and everything..
i never expect how long way we could walk together,
i appreciate the things we have now,
i appreciate the moment we have now..

the promises you made, nobody will know how long it last..
the promises i made, noone will know when does it end..
no one will know how long will my love to you last till,
but i know my love to you will not stop untill my heart stop beating..

I love you, because the way you are.. because who you are..

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