Why are Human so realistic?

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Konichiwa!!! i am now here to alivekan my blog =D
Hell, it's trials now.. i wish im doing everything fine, i hate EXAMS!
Gosh, period cramp while im doing my BM paper2 weih! how stress can it be? ishhhhh!
definately im not gonna study now, to relax myself larh duh!

little wanna-be, so u thought she'll never find u? as u know technology is now so improved, she can fine u in a simply easy way.. she dint know you'r still such fake-ass, pretending and acting and being someone which you'r not! why cant you just be back yourself since u know what does the words mean..she thought after while you'll have your own life but you're getting worse! little wanna-be, so do you want her to sign you to TVB or somewhere to act whoever you want? it's worthless for her to trust on you! NoNo, i dont feel regret, it's alright for the past being good and putting such worthful trust on u, i'm okay with it, i feel good =) what about you? you sure you feel good right now? like being somebody else? LMAO! dont make me bitch infront of you.. i told them and they convince me and i convince myself too.. asking myself and telling myself some positive stuff, but why must you like that? i thought i can just leave it and stop being so concern about it.. OH yea! you'r so lucky for not putting "her" picture that you'r pretending, or else you'll get it.. but too bad you'r still being "her" you lifeless bitch.. she nvr want to hate you just trying to treat you like last time, but you want her to hate you,
btw, you'r not a faker i think? but a wanna-be i think? YES!

This is just between me and you, wanna-be.. pls? leave me alone and get your life alright?

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