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Sunday, September 28, 2008

kinda bit early to blog huh? LOLs,

went sunway pyramid shopping with my cousin sis and my sis.. saw Andrew there.. before that went to Etude house to suppose just have a look.. and know what? end up me and my cousin sis, both of us came out with 2 big bags full fil with their products, LOL! cant believe we could spent that freaking much at there, but atleast we get free gift of their product (: hahahaa..

wactches Not Enough Money II ytd night untill midnight 2++, wow! tired sial.. slept around 3+ i think? wooooooooooh,

went breakfast at old town just now, around 1 something? hahaha, that's my lunch+ breakfast.. nah, cant blame it the pig need more sleep =D

just finish cleaning my cousin's hamster and it's hse.. LOLs, fun nia.. she's giving me 2 baby hamster which just born 2month old. not gonna keep it in my hse, obvously in my darling hse =) we'r going to pet shop to buy their hse on monday or either tuesday, (: thx baby, instead of waiting to have a dog, hamster may ganti first.. hahahaa..

that's all i think? kinda bored now, couldn't go out.. siennnn, couldn't join buddy tomorrow too, =( alright, will be back tonight =) , good news, my laptop is alive now! hahaha, it gonna on 24/7 =p, my maple is now lv15x, dam shiok! if it's real server? lv 42 nia, GGz,!

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