Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Hey hey, miss me? LOLS,

let see, i am now at Home Sweet Home already (: yea, i miss her lots like never =/ blah, let see.. noon time around 12 went PapaRich stated near by my hse, 32Square for my breakfast with daddy & sisters.. went pet shop after that (:

oh yea, ytd i wrote letters to my cousins who stay at sabah, whooooa, i dint write letter for like yrs since the last time when i was 15? hey, i used to write letter u know? LOLs, to my Aus friend aka my primary teacher.. kinda miss him (: eyh, he's so much elder than me, LOLS.. jangan think senget ahh.. hahahaaa, well, i love having a penpal.. (: writing letters is a really nice hobby, u can script wtv u want, ur feelings bla bla, ppl like me don't like to release feelings by mouth, instead, i will always scrip it out on a piece of paper or by texting msg (:

okay okay, back to my day.. went 1U for lunch around 4? with my aunt and cousin =D whao! that's really big amount @@" but i get to ate salmon, smoke wan lah.. but still salmon! yumyum!! then went for a walk and also try to look out my Jay's New Album cause i saw some web saying his album is out -.-" but i dont see it anywhere, ggrrrrrr! =( i cant wait for his album lah,

and yea, i jsut came back from my damansara hse, went the curve and cineleisure after my dinner, just went to have a walk and also shopping but all are closing -.-" , nvm.. bought a series story book at MPH, no joking! i am now interested in story books eyh, i mean english story book but also have to depend on what kinda of story book (: may also buy me interesting english story book for my any present yea, hahahaha... went to my damansara hse to measure some funiture for my room after that.. ahh, tmr will so busy "changing" funiture (:

my daddy say, if i spray my wardrob into pink will look so indian-ish, wth! i am racist much! and he just insult my PINK, =( mumy say nvm, she can paint it for my privately, muahahaha.. but im designing it by myself u know? dont "pray pray ", hahahaa.. it's actually alright dont have to repaint it but it is because it turns too yellowish from pure white! my god! i dont like yellow honestly, hahahaha.. but nah, i'll think my way to turn it back pure white or pure pink and i will zip up my daddy's mouth with mouthing indian-ish infront of me.. why i racist? my jimui will know, teehee..

ah, im blooding happy now cos i can online till late late night with my laptop (: fixed already lah, thank you mummy, love you banyak =D

nighty nighty, i miss my bed (:

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