What else you know?

Friday, October 17, 2008

yesh! i am here to edit today's post =)

like, i have a pizza day today, OMG. LOLs,
i had pizza for breakfast+lunch with hunny today.. and pizza for supper with daddy & sis just now! LMAO! how can i dont grow fat in this week holiday ? like, i really had chocolate foundue for everyday, kidding me weyy.. For God-Sake.

LOLs, anyway.. i've skipped my tuition today due to some really stupidly-lucky-sucky reason =0 but i really do feel-not-well and the sky too, =S LOLs,

okay, schl is reopen in 3days more =/ and i did not study anything in this whole friggin week at all. none. God-Sake man, it really left like, a month to the freaking SPM.. i really need to shut my laptop off.. Gosh.

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