Colour Of the Friendship

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

went to ken's hse for group study, Math today.. sam's mother fetches me & sam there around 12something, we first began with chit-chat and start studying.....

and up sitting infront of the computer =) The Sims 2, =D addicted =p we created our hse, which ken & sam = siblings & me are their roomie =p hahahaha, the Colour of the Family, it's just fantastic, amazing! we have our own Floor*, i took the second floor, sam 3rd and ken forth.. we began with pink, the second floor.. sam's green & ken's blue+black.. anyway, wekeep joking with sam's floor, LMAO! funny, " check out his balcony (spell correctly?), he has 2pandas at his balcony!!! " hahahahahah, isn't it cute? yes! and he took the longest time to finish decorating his floor*, me too. hahahaha..
i slept for half an our after decorating my floor* and while ken is decorating the first floor and the others, and we went dinner at Mama Chop PaPa Grill around 7 with Tricia, we walked there @@" and it's raining!!! hahahaha.. and look!!! it's jumbo drink @@" i couldn't finish it anyway..
sam's mummy fetches me home around 9something, and now.. Home Sweet Home =D
FINs, ( i look retard! )

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