Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Helloooo, what's going on with the freaking bloody Weather nowdays? it's burning meee like fire =X even the pipe water, the tangki water is no diff as the heater. OMG lahhh,

anyway, i meet up with baby today, again.. and his dog, hope it'll rcover soon =(

btw, check out this babi's
blog, =p my sister lah, hahaha.. we got the 100% same layout and everything, we actually planned since earlier, like.... few months ago. o.0 LOLs

Hey! schl's reopen tmr =O just two days, but im going lah, aiyayayayaaaaa, yet, i don feel like in schl tmr but friday.. nahh, nevermind lah. =)

i am now addcited to Sophie Kinsella's book, it's really nice and i give double thumbs up! =D currently reading her 2nd book. recomanded by jimui, K .

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