Within A month =/

Monday, October 20, 2008

as i said i dont feel like a schl day today! so i skipped schl and first went to sam's hse with ken, we had chocolate & Loh Mai Kai for breakfast, thx to sam's mother for the LMK =D had abit pillow, pencil fight with sam -.-" he ejek me first alright, =p called my bf to fetch me around 9something, and finally i get to go on the bed =D

talalalala, teehee. i don't know but, fun u know? =D with ur BFF, reading ghost story book -.- amd im like EWWWWWW, watching youtube, had breakfast together =D play with his dog =0 hahahaa,

p/s: baby i love you, ji mui sayang much!

weyy, we're going to schl tmr lah.

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