What's the day?

Thursday, October 09, 2008

like holidays has started from today onwards, and my boredom days has begin.. phew~

had McD for breakfast with darling, i had my fav Egg McMuffin & he got his fav Big Breakfast, (because he had a big tummy so need a big breakfast) LOLs, gahhh, suppose to go to playground but i want to sleep =p and we had pizza for lunch, fat fat fat.. gosh! i've stepped in to the toilet for like.... so many times because of the stuffedcrsut pizza, was just suppose to try what is that cause i've nvr know what it is, (paiseh), and it will just be my last time, the first tme eating stuffedcrust was at ken's place but i din really rmb what it is, ^^" i feel better now, even ate watermelon & chocolate foundue, hahahahahaaa..

lalalallaaaa, should i go to the salon tmr ? or saturday? blah, still have to depend on my "driver", i mean my dai kai jie, hahahaha.. hmmmmm, should we have that "kicimiao?" LOLs, thinking..

btw, thinking whether i am allowed to visit Vicky on deepavali, she invited me for her dinner at her place, anyone going?

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