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Monday, October 06, 2008

went Fridays celebrated my dad's birthday (: i love you.

attended to schl today, i even went for assembly, LOLs, cant believe it =/ anyway, today schl had pn.foo's retired celebration. stood at the field for like 1hr.. plus? sien sial, some classes and the afternoon librians have some performance on the stage, erm.. i only give the librians tumb up, the others.... thumb fall down d, hahahaha.. we also have 1hr for our break, phew... and after break we have to sent pn.foo ciao with that errmmmm, duno what kind old cheap car. *paisehh, nah, i prefer pn.puah's retired celebration.. so so much double thumbs up.. even there's many ex-students came back to sent her, gosh.. i regret i dint join that weih, sad.... (eyh, i love pn.puah de ehh,) hahahaa.. but if en.Z and pn.L.H.F retire i will definately go all the way back to schl to send them =D today, memang no studies lah, just got back sj's paper, hahaha, definately i will never get more than 10marks for that paper.. =p i nvr aim fo that.

i dont feel any better today, uhhh.. i really hope it's never happens before so it wouldn't end up like this.. things are just rewind back like 3yrs ago..
i wish my jimuis won't be the same =) to him, i'll just leave it.. it's not worthy anymore.. (: love jimuis*

phew, like finally schl reopen and next week is pmr week and i think form5 will have another week of holidays again =/ F.M.I, i think we have two days hols this week, thursday & friday.. is it? wtv, it just 35more days to spm.. to the other ppl they might cant wait for it and end it faster.. but i'm not even in that mood ready for it, blah... i just wanna.... stay away from BOOKS, =/ if only i can..

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