The excitement.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Let see, i attended to schl today, give back all the text books which belong to schl then then went to bilik seni to help something.. thennnnnnnnnn bump into kuan yee's brother's car tooooooooo runnnnnnnn =D

today is so exciting, LOLs. funnnn =D

den went to sam's hse and called me bf to come over to pick me up =)

wow, at night.. went to 1U to pick up my sis and also went for a little shopping to get something for someone =D uhhh, is like my very first time i did not make-up mysef to a mall, @@" i only wear a very simple le feh T and slipper and even with my spec! whoa, hehehee.. that's all for today,

before i end this post, i just had sashimi salmon for my suppur =DDDD fuiihhH!

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