Let's begin.. with... Smiles..

Friday, October 10, 2008

it left 4hrs and 10mints to turns to 11th of October, Saturday..

i wonder what have i done today for the whole bloody bored-full day.. gosh..

been reading story book, online, mapling, have my mask on, went tuition, eat & sleep.. is this what human do when they've forced to stuck in the house for the whole bloody day? i think so?

to be honest and i realize, days been stuck at home is really nth much to do unless u invite ur friends to ur hse to have like cooking/baking session or any other event at home? i always ask my boy not to sleep the whole bloody day time but he never cared, never.. honestly, nothing for him to do at home beside sleeping, watching tv and eating and go online.. he's not a day time human, he dont recognize the sun, same goes to the sun.. unless i am with him, or else.. never.. ahhh, like finally i know why he never once listen to me =/ lalalalalala,

hello,? i dont want to stuck in my hse for the whole bloody holidays week, can someone hang me out instead? =)

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