Everything will be fine, Love lotz

Thursday, October 02, 2008

have been a busy kid lately, teehee.

daddy & mommy changed my room cupboard and wardrobe, thank you..
phew, i dint know i have sooooooo many stuff, especially my pink collection, whao! used 2days to clean and clear everything and like, FINALLY i am done.. phew~ thank sis, she helped me lotz! hahahaa, because she is sharing my room too.. so she have to do it with me, =p

currently at my aunty's hse now (: had dinner with them just now, and like finally i've finish chasing 家好月圆 (what's it name in english?), dam exciting lo, hahaha..

today is thursday, which mean we left 3more days to back to study, =/ lalalalaa, not in the mood to schl yet, are you?

miss you darling (:

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