the Best sistership <3

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

P/S : Baby Hunni I Love you Much


me & my sis changed our new "playshit" (bedsheet). =D
she almost did all the work, XD thxxxx.

Take 1.

Take 2.
for a moment, i feel like posting bout a girl.
she's my 2nd younger sister. named Chia Xiao Lin which everyone named her Cha Siu Bao since young & also Strawberry because she have a bloddy red face which always makes me jelouse that i have only a pale face =X . she's born 1993. and we live together since born. she have a fluffy hair, 155cm tall medium size eyes, dinasours teeth. she''s also have a really big happy laughing. she have a blog, scroll down and look to the left bar and the last 3rd link. =D
when we were just a small little kids, we used to be selfish & snatch each other stuff and even fight for stuff. =X
when we grow up, we own a room, we share a room, we share clothes, we share shoes, we share our stories, we share our moods, we share our foods, we share every moment, we share......... everything, but we dont share boyfriend & our bras&panties. XD
she's the best sister i ever have in my whole life. wait, i have another youngest sister yea. =D
i always treat her like my number a4, i always tell her how sad & how happy am i, i always release my anger on her, i sometimes being selfish to her, i sometmes likes to hit her for nothing, she always listen to my grandma stories, she always be there for me when im afraid.
i rmb there's one night, she suppose have PMR the next day and wake early morning. but b4 that day night, she slept and went into her dream already, it was.. 1something midnight. and the electric cutted off suddenly, F.Y.I i am freaking bloody afraid in dark. so she is pityly woke up by me, and teman me all the way down to look at the electric and ask mom to fix it. after that she couldn't sleep and we talk till almost 3. but she did not blame anything though she's having PMR the next morning.
everytime, when we're doing something or cleaning the room or wtv stuff we'r both doing together, she always do more than i do. i always ask her to do for me and i just do the easy one, but until now, she did not blame any freaking single thing to me. NONE.
alright, there's lots more story between me and my sis and is all the happy funny stupid moment.
all i wanna say is, THX sis. i love you, and im sorry for sometimes being bad & rude to u when im in such bloddy mood. but u did not complain anything and sometimes u even have to lied for me to keep my secrets. thank you very much, i hope u could forgive me for my bloody att soemtimes. you're the best sister i EVER HAVE and no one could ever replace you. =)
this picture taken 2007, the first day of new yr. and we both actually having fun talking joke that time. that's why your laughing happily.

this was taken 2008, cant rmb when but its on Sunday which you actually suppose joining ur friend but u asked me along with you . =) you said you love the green one the best and i said i love the pink one the best =D
p/s: Sorry for reading my sucky english lah. =p

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