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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happeee Deepavali =D

well, i dont know what time i woke up today.. like... NOON time =O LOLs, thx to vicky who woke my up from my dream, grrrr..

went to MPH sales today and suppose to Zara's sales too but we're late & in a hurry so we went home to ready up everything and headed to Klang AEON mall for a little shopping =) ahhh, cant manage to shop the whole building cos we need to move on to my mom's deepavali dinner but so atleast i bought a shirt =p

Look! how sweet my mom doing this jelly cake for her friend's dinner since ytd till today, she made two =D i feel so proud of my mom! hahahahas. aisk, sorry vicky dint manag to go for your's, but Happy deepavali aight?

home @ 12.


should i continue or give up? everyone's telling me the negative =( but yet they still support me, even my mom, she's 100% support me wtv course im taking after my spm =) no matter what am not gonna give up my dream no matter whatever negatives. i'll try & do my best and i believe in myself. =D thx mummy.

i took only ONE picture today and wanna to change to my header but there's an error to the photobucket =/ ish. tmr, =D

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