i give up.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

i don't know how can it end, i couldn't wait till it stop so i'll give up caring it. i decided to give up doesn't mean i dont love you. i just dont wanna looking ppl around me feel upset and waste their tears, same to myself. i couldn't stop my tears whenever i think about it. i couldn't care much, all i have to do is take care of the small one, and let them feel better..

i cried when i heard she cried because of you. this is my first time hearing this thing happens, i taught it'll only me but now they are growing up and get to understand more, and they will feel wat i feel one day.. i dont want they have to same feeling as me, we don't wanna feel this.. we love you,

Happy Birthday Dad,

will tomorrow be a better day?

p/s: baby, i need you.. =/

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