Time Don't turns Back

Thursday, October 16, 2008

For God-Sake i am here blogging so early today! MOrning light is creeping in around the blinds and i've been awake, but i haven't got out of bed yet.. rolling left and right, again and again.. it shouldn't awake so early, i mean 10am, i am awake! =/

suppose to wait for a text msg but i don't know why is it not arrive yet.. should i ring them and ask them? i just cant wait to get it! my precious, which cost me a fortune! =/ it better get me in this 2days,

Dam sien la, like omg i re-read my whole blog, from the first post till the last post i can see everything are.... changing? LOLs, i think so?

i really hope everything has improved =) okay, Baby!!!!! God help me,

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