It's tiring to care anymore.

Friday, October 03, 2008

for some reason i couldn't sleep the whole last night, i think i've only slept 2hrs +, woke up early in the morning 7 and went to jogging for 10mints @@', and played basketball and football.. hahahaa.. went to ate dim sum after that and went back to my aunt's hse to have a nap.. headed off to sunway pyramid to have lunch at Shogun, happy sial, for so long i dint eat salmon and sushi and any sashimi, shiok! went to have a walk after that and went back home.. continue to have my nap again, im seriously tired like mad.. phew.. but i napped for awhile and start with my maple =D hahaha, ytd maple till kinda late too, LOLs.. had dinner and continue my bed.. home sweet home around 10 (:


im seriously tired for seeing what's happening around..
you want it, you like it..

im really upset now, and i know-it-all myself.. i know it is never gonna end this, but why?

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