Just gimme a Teehee.

Monday, October 20, 2008

well, its another sunday which everyweek everymonth have =/ *what talking me?*

had breakfast with mom dad & sis and went to klang for a little shopping and visit without my partner, sis =( u know? like first time i go to klang without her =/ ishhh, thanks to her friend =p okay, anyway, atleast i get to bought some stuff =) and found something really interesting at grandhse, also had dinner with my mom's side, my grandparents, and aunties =)

whao, u know? like suddenly, schl's reopen! within 6hrs =/ u know, i dont feel like step my foot in the schl at all.. god's sake, and and AND, there's just like within a month to my freaking bloody hell SPM! OMGness, it is so dam Sake alright, its just sickening! Urghh! but well, i will stll online everyday, just an hour alright? =D

okay, although im not in the bed-mood but i have to stick to my bed and off my eyes =/ or else i'll be bringing my bed to schl tmr =0..

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