Give the bitch a speech.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

attended to schl today, went to sam's hse with ken after ken reached schl.. sam's sister opened the gate for us =) played with cutie =D and when sam came out from his hse door he was like shock cos he dint believe we really went to his hse =D suprise leh! hehehee,

beside bm and est, we got no any other studies, got back my math paper2 and i am now so so so pist and feel like tearing the paper cause i do this mistake which is not suppose to.. gosh! i rate myself 6/10 for this paper =) i feel enough, cos like finally i pass my math =/ and bm, i passed too but ofcouse passes with not really good looking numbers =/

like whao! it's holidays again, tmr onwards and the next whole week and im gonna bored at home, eating my chocolate, playing my comp, "molesting" my keyboard and my mouse.. LOLs,

p/s: is our plan gonna success? =D i have new FEMALE patner, -.-" hahahahaha, cou family =p

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