before it End.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

currently at drling hse now =D

well, it's a secret day.. Shhhhh, seriously i enjoy the fun XD u know, u wouldn't have the chance to enjoy like this after 20days anymore,! anymoreeeee.. ! it left 20days more to go to finish my schling days and SPM will start right after the 20th day and 1month later we will say Goodbye to School and will never able to have those fun that only school will have =/

time pass really fast, like.. yesterday was my UPSR and tomorrow is my SPM. WOW!
when was std 6, we wish everything go faster and want to be an adult tomorrow, but now.. i wish everything pass slower, time go slower and let me be a kid once again tomorrow <:/ but time will never turn back and we have to look forward, so just appreciate now and enjoy wtv now =D before it's too late.

okay, got to find some books right now =/ studyyyyyy.

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