Jay Chou 魔杰座 <33

Thursday, October 16, 2008

finally i cant wait for them to text me so i ring them and go straight there to get it myself =)

My Jay Chou 魔杰座 2008 album, as they call it, Limited Edition! so lucky i've order few days ago or else i couldn't get it! as they call it, Limited Edition included 2 Jay Chou's 魔杰座 Stickers, 1 Jay Chou Rubik's Cube, 1 poster and the stainless box with Jay Chou cover =D this set really cost me a fortune, wow! but it's really worth you know! Cause he's my Jay Chou!!! support =D
The Limited Edition set =)
The stickers, the stainless box & the album =D
The Rubik's Cube full of his face =D
his CDs inside his album =)
that's the stainless box with his album inside =)

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