It'll be Fine.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

like, FINALLY =D

first Red Box and obsolutely FUN, i've nvr been to karaoke with friends, i mean never. and the first time with my jimuis, bestiessss.. then dream world after that =D and walked around then movie, High Schl Musical 3. among all the HSM i prefer the 3rd one, Best. then dinner and walked around after dinner home sweet home =)

thx buddiesss, Besttttt jimuis =D


what's happening? me and you.. so suddenly.. i'm afraid, tears falling. will everything be fine? or things will end, just like that? God, pls tell me.. res me pls. i dont wanna face all this and feel all this. it's...... really pain.

p/s: mind my simple post =D pictures taken by jimui's phone due to my phone's picture result isn't good at all.

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