Colour of the day =)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Rainbow, =)

PMR started, my sis involved and she's full of complains about her doing-the-paper, LOLs.

went tuition and "acid rain" after my tuition, sun+rain=acid rain.. righT? LOLs,
and rainbow after that, i duno when was the last time i see a rainbow and definately everyone love rainbow much right? *who don't?* i picture the rainbow but din't want to post is because i dont have a good result camera =/ this picture was stolen from somewhere.. =D

from what view/what place would you like to see a rainbow? for me, beach view to see a rainbow is soo perfect, isin't it? or mayb any other better view? ^^

OMG, im "fatting" , im growing fatter, oh oh~ exercising =D

and finally i've did something that finally can makes me feeel so relieved, shhhhhh, you will know it sooner or later =p

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