17dayss =X

Saturday, October 25, 2008

lalalalalaa, MJ have sales today @ shah alam, and i did not join the sales cos they are going so freaking early 8 in the morning and i am still in my dream! @@" but i went Jcard member sales @ 1U on 22/10/08 wednesday NIGHT. fuihhh, u know how crowded huh? even the traffic is thickening, gosh,,

anyway, i went to 1U again to accompany my mom shopping =D and had dinner @ puchong with my nanny & aunt. =D dint manage to buy anything.. cos..... we bought too many on the sales day @@"

ahhhh, i cant wait for tmr. shiok =D btw, SPM is just right at the corner and i am still, running everywhere =/ pray for my SPM.

p/s: babeee, i love you alright? you're my everything, u should have know. =p

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