The Happy, The Family..

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday, is always a Family day for every body.. isn't it? =)

i think among all the sunday in 2008 today i would say is the best sunday i ever have, i used to dislike but not hate Sunday aka Family day.. because of my dearest D..

i love the best today is because my mom is a flower freak and we had breakfast together, Me, my sis, D & M.. we headed off to some flower's with my aunt and M bought her wants. D accompnied mom to arrange her graden* and 3 kids joined them after that, we had a break due to raining and continued after the rain and the 3 kids having a small chocolate party with mom while she's continue-ing arrange her graden and D sat with us =) mayb this may just a very normal little thing, nothing special.. but, i couldn't tell my feelings, the feelings, it's all diff, D did not change his mood at all, unlike others sundays, he used to give us the-face.. i wish he could keep it like that everyday =) im sure every kids love their perent happy everyday right? =)

blahhhh, i cant stop complaining myself =/ i mean, my hair... =/ so lucky i have one week holidays =D

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