Mayb "just" or mayb None.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Yea, the Lazy-bump is here =p.. today schl got no exam, anyone attended to schl ? LOLs,

LOLs, currently playing Maple Private server =) i know im late but atleast im playing. im now in 2nd Job within half an hour, shiok!! ahhh, finally i get to play back my Maple! for like... century since the last time i play.. =/ teehee.. am now waiting for the Korean online game, don't know what does it call but im sure it really fun! recomanded by baby =) ngekngek!

Ms. wanna-be, i found you.. =)

btw, tmr is holiday for everyone? no idea, heards it's don't know what what election thingy that's why we have a holiday or sometihng? hmmm, i don't wanna stay at home the whole day tmr, pls?

hmmm, nothing interesting.. it getting bored.. but still playing.. Facebook =D

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