once may happen twice..

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

yipeeyaiyai yipeeyipeeyai.. LOLs, yala.. i just wanna be kid forever XD
back to my topic, today had the last paper, Math! fuiyo.... =p i finished the whole paper two but paper one i did really badly :( not enough efford.. next trials :)

yo ms. wanna-be, dont make me Bitch infront ur face.. too bad u'r just being 30%, i dare you to be 100%! ms.wanna-be, don think because u'r someone to me i don dare to do anything to you.. i will bitch everything infront of everyone, infront ur bitch face if u really pist me of! understand? no? continue and wait the day.. after my spm, u will know what's gonna happen.. i thought i could change my mind to treat u better, why not? it okay.. but then? u'r getting more and more worse! Bitch. leave me alone with my style, you may destroy my reputation and even urs.

lalalalaa, raise up ur hand if you'r going to school tomorrow =) LOLs, im not going la.. but friday im going.. next week everyone will have one week hari raya hols, song leh!!! hahahahaa, wanna continue my maple, bye ^^

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