What Do you think Friends' For?

Friday, September 26, 2008

yea yea, me and my 2 jimuis attended to schl today, yin fun and 4 helper & faris too, shiok bo? 9 people only ehh, hahahaha.. song loh, tmr onwards straight one week no school, you happy i bo happy loh, =X hahahahaaa,

in the class.. yin fun join our silly talk, fun lehh.. kekekee, ermmm, something happened pityly =/ shhhhhhhhh, i got back my math paper 1, awwwww.. i did really badly.. =( and my english paper, i did even badly! i need jiayou reading story books =) ehhh, im really started to in love with reading english book weih, no kidding eyy! yea, Pn.V recomanded me a story book with loads of episode, hmm i shall try it =) she said my essay story line was not bad just that i have to improve my grammar =/ but im happy too cause i know i did improve! LOLs,

anyway, im sure everyone think that it'll be superb boring if u attend to schl when there's no any studies or activities.. i admit too.. but try to think, if your fellow friends attend to schl with you, will it still be as bored as what you think? nah, i say no =) cause i totally love my jimui seriously, i thought i'll be sleeping in the class again today, but it end up with laughs.. sometimes, they might be do something make you speechless, but try to think in a positive way, they are funny and silly and i love them =D cause they pulled me out from the darkside to the brightside. they really taught me lots of stuff which i will never know, because we know what are friends for =) always think from another angle, think from another point view and you will understand them.. =) thanks buddy.. sayang lots!

baby, i am really happy all this moment that we have been through.. ya, no one will know what's gonna happen tomorrow, and no body will ever know how long could we last.. same to us.. we will never know our future one.. but today is today.. thank you for your warmness, ur caring, ur loving, your understanding and your forgiving.. thank you for cheering me up whenever i fall down.. you may not be the perfect one but you'r my best one (: i love you darling..

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