Sunday, September 14, 2008

Gosh, having some stupid non-sence illness now aday, and its during my trials.. Urghhh! after so long i nvr fall sick since the last time like 1yr +.. =(

went shopping today, wanted to buy this dress but ignored from my mom.. i really like it, kinda sexy & mature + cute.. nah, it's okay.. i can buy a better one next time =) saving money mah!

yea, had dinner with my whole family together just now =) don u just love that feeling having dinner with ur whole fmaily together? especially during any special days? :)

btw, Happy MoonCake Festival ^^ (does it name like this?, paiseh.. my english really suck, Xp)

anyway, i've been busy with my "new website" lately, facebook =) i know i am outdate lah! so? atleast i have one now :p add me if you'r my friend..

uhh, baby.. i miss you lately.. time is passing too fast.. im getting more afraid when the days are passing and ending, i don wanna know what's gonna happen =/ i love you..

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