Saturday, August 09, 2008

Good Morning peepz =D

It's a new day.. What'zUp everyone there?
Saturday should be a Good day yea?

I woke up around 8:30am, LOLs.. It's always the sun shooted me off my bed =D
ate Tong Yuan for my breakfast, LOLs, don't u love Tong Yuan? Tong Yuan remind me of my Family, :)
every year December 21st, mostly every Buddhist family will all gather together to have dinner at eat Tong Yuan after dinner.. included my family,
when i was young, my hse used to have such really big family, all relatives will came over my hse around 6pm, and me and my mom my sis will helped my grandma to ready for dinner..
Dinner must have Lots of dishes, Chicken is a must, 2-3 diff kind vege, Prawn, meat.. and SouP! =D
after dinner, me and sis will serve them Tong Yuan.. at least 8 balls, @@' i dont know why? hahaha..

now? just our family, my uncle, my cousin sis, my family.. but also like 15ppl =) i love big big family altough mostly all uncle aunty, they are funny sometimes.. i've used to listen to their words, they just wish i'll have a better future, the only bad thing about them is, they look down on my family.. i dont mind, seriously.. we'r doing our best in everytihng, i dont mind how they look on my family or me, i know i'll be much better than wat they think in future =)

hmmmmm, kinda sien at home.. suppose to go to schl today for replacement, but due too lazy ^^ so mummy is bringing me and sis to KLCC shopping later =) okay.. i'll just stop here before i continue some craps here =)

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