Looking Forward, Growing Up

Monday, August 25, 2008

Helloww =) i'm back from my holidays, how ya's holidays hmmm? is it meaningfull enough? fun enough? better be, cos trials will be held on two weeks later @@" Olimamah! honestly i am not ready yet!!! ish!

have loadz of pictures at PD & Melacca, will guarantee upload by this week so stay tune =)
i can say that we took almost 100 plus of pictures there, we can even take more than 30 within 10minutes, hahahha.. and during my holidays & trip, i can tell you honestly my holiday is ae Food Holiday! especially at Melacca, we ate the whole day, from morning till night from night till the morning woi! hahaha.. not bad, quite fun although they are not my buddy, close friends, boyfriend but my mom's friends.. really fun with them and one of them is such ae joker! she can totally make u laugh till burst up ur tummy XD bought sometihng back for my boyfriend and my grandparents.. ( sorry friends for not buying stuff for y'all, ahhh, sam know the reason =p ) i think i shall let the pictures do the talking, so don give up on me, wait for those loadz of pictures! XP

okay, i think i shall go study now even though i cant =( GOD! how stupid can it be? trials, 17days nia! ishhhh, except for math, english & est.. i don't know what else i'll pass man.. but guarantee cant fail BM or else you'll be seeing me sleeping in the coffin, LOls, JOKING lar!

i knew that my neighbour is selling doggies at their hse long time ago and i just asked them what brand they sell and it's shih tsu & golden retriever.. Wooohooo, golden retriever they sell 1k-2k .. definately me not gonna buy shih tsu d cos my future dog will be Golden Retriever / Bichon / Maltese / " Gui Bin " dog ( what do u call that? ) .. ngek ^.^

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