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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

OMG! Such A Big Mistake Today!!

most of my friends are not going to schl today cause might have the BM ceramah the whole day, so i dint attend too..

i've got no idea what to describe today, firstly was happily, then.. it's the disaster.. OMG! we cant blame to anyone, it's your fault darling, but things are over so dont think about it aight? hmmm, so saturday been force to canceled ):

well, u decided not to go tonight, nvm.. and i decided to canceled this saturday's plan cause u have finacial prob and u agreed too, but now? uhhhh, down.

i dont know why, sometimes i realize, or mayb i think too much.. u prefer to have fun and spend with your friends, and not me instead. i dont know why,.. your choice, am decided not to care, i'mm just do wtv i want, wtv i feel right. if u think their's is more important than me? it's up to you, i'm tired..

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