Saturday, July 05, 2008

woke up around 8sometihng, @@", sis wore my interact uniform, hahaa. she's heading to Librian's Installation.. left me alone ):

anyway, had 3half-boild eggs for my breakfast, putted on my mask, teehee.
mom brought back 2 Kampai, apple & lemon.. hmmm mwaks mii. mom headed to her dancing class dy, half-an hour wer going to damansara hse, cause i wanna go for the fitness =p

well, i was too bored, so i decided to login to check out my neopets, LOLs, they are dying after 5months i dint login.. fed them and chatted with sam & josh just now, LOLs, they are..... killing each others, hahahaa.. in msn? LOLs, okay okay, having my lunch now, dry fried meehoon (: lalalalala,

gotta kick my ass off to finish my lunch and pack my stuff, or else my mom gonna kill me spending so much time want her to wait for me, bye.

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