Sunday, July 20, 2008

woke up around 9, thx to the hottie Sunlight shooted towards me ): waited dad for breakfast, went for breakfast around 11? went back home to get sis's project stuffs & fetches her to her firend's hse, then headed off to sea park, suppose to drop down the car for wash.. b4 that went to get some fruits to eat cause the weather is killing me,.. dint manage to wash daddy's car cause there's too many ppl so we decided to home sweet home (:

once home, helped daddy to clean his room ( first time GoodGirl, cause mummy coming back from Bangkok today <33 ) then started to sit infront the monitor as i always did, =p decided to do something to my blog's header.. so.. i'm done after an hour ++.. @@" *see stars on head* i cant manage to do my header to tranparent, ): but it's okay, love it? thx ^^ hate it? scroll down dont see then X( LOLs,

mummy is coming back around 11+ ): but i will try my best to wait for her, teehee.. know what?

mummy = forever love one
mummy = forever best one
mummy = forever true one
mummy = forever trustworthy one
mummy = best ATM one ( she will try her best to get what we dont have or a better one )
mummy = Forever True friend
mummy = NOTHING compare to & Nothing Could Replace her from EVERYTHING<33

anyway, b4 mummy went to bangkok, she asked me to write her a list what i want, i gave her a list and she replied " that's all? " , LOLs, cos seriously, i've got everything, outfits, bags, shoes, accessories, ofcourse i wish to have more fashionable outfits & stuff, but i'm not greedy, and mummy told me this and i'll always rmb it " always and forever feel much satisfied with what you have, dont expect too much, dont be insatiably greedy, because there's more ppl out there dont get what they want, and you'r happiness much compare to the other. " yeah babe, get what i mean? ^^ u better be. that's why " window shopping " is what i did when i shopping, LOLs,

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