I am so Okay (:

Thursday, July 03, 2008

yeap yeap! yesterday was Hari RKA ( Hari Report Kematian Anak ), nothing happens to me :D
mom came around 8.20 i think? then followed her out and i went breakfast with dear, wen home after that (:
at night, went McD with mummy, daddy & sisters.. because they had finished renovation and its look much nicer now, LOLs, on the way walking back, the road was dark, we saw this kitty was chasing on sometihng, i felt curious so i walked infront and CROCKOACH!!!! i run far away after that with my sis, hahahas.. this kitty is so cute, playing with that crockoach but kesian that crockoach, hahahahaa... when that crockoach turn upsidedown, my dad kicked it and that kitty chased over it, and my dad keep repeating the same thing, HAHAHAs, happy family night (:

today, as u know, nothing special could schl be, 2guys faught in class before recess, -.=
went 100yen to get my lunch, ^^ dint buy my ice because im controling myself to eat once in a week, darl still owe me 3 (: bought 2 cups mee & 1 BBQ-seaweed <33>
Love you darl,

so? biasa lahh, anyway, since things happened like that so why am i still appear there? why must u tell ppl how are we going on? so that ppl will kesian u and dislike me? stop pretending and dissapear* me.

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