Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Hey WOMAN! Know what? TALK TO YOURSELF and LOOK at your BLARDY MIRRORmannnn, You'r just ONE of Them y'know!

nothing special happened in schl, as usual.. heavy rain from 6:20am, weather is totally NICE! dint want to on the fan at all, after recess.. may & joshua love the sky today, then joshua slept like....... ( shhhhh ) my hand pain like shyt ehh! kesian bit.. *LOLs* sam said himselve is so self-layan today, LOLs, me is so tired todayy, thx to someone not allowed me to sleep early last night, -__________- owh yea, know what? SMK TAMAN SEA's afternoon session LIBRIANS are so NO MANNERS! wonder why they can be a librian huh? GOSH! 1st, if u want us to lower down our voice, u can just ask us " can u all pls lower down ur voice? " or something politly aight? 2nd, if u want us to go out or tell us we are not allowed to come in during study time, u can also tell us politly right? ( i cant rmb what they say but the way they say (not ask ) i can nvr forget! RUDE! ) , so me, josh, sam, ken, may walked out.. me beh tahan i said somtihng too, but is better than how they say ofcourse, while sam was trying to stared at them and joshua was trying to close the door, sam stared and he wanted to walked out but joshua closed the door!! hahahaha, XXD that's all for today's schl, FUN.

ate my fav mee cup again ( i know its unhealthy and fattening ) but i love it lehh, it's just my 3rd cup, heh.

reaches home around 5:30pm, keke.. finished bath, ate my herbal jelly & longans, there come a convo.

me . sis

wan eat udon? *thinking*
dont want la, later tak boleh masuk dinner.
eat laaa.. *-__-*
dont wna laaaa, but the damn udon ejek-ing me lehh, *x(*
ok la, we share half half k? * ^^ *
ok ok, i can masuk dinner k.
okay, i cook u wash the stuff here. * xp *

going to finish eating

u eat la, i eat mor ethan half d,
nah.. i drink the soup.. * teehee *
i dont wan d la, u eat la.. * :P *
eh, i eat lot d lehhh, * -__-""""" *
very full la, later canot masukkan dinner.
k la k la .. * w..t... -____________- *
finish makan teman me go reload, * ^^ *
OKAYYyyy la.. * :( *

u get me? she said she can masukkan dinner, but after 5mints she said cant. grrrrhhhhhh, F5 (maple emoticons) U

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